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General Trades

BGIS has the largest in-house Technician services team in the Canadian Market.

Our 1,500+ Technicians (including 600 truck-based Technicians) include HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical Services, General Trades and building operator personnel that are both resident with our clients “Account Dedicated” and mobile “Technician Services” across various client accounts and vertical markets. This team provides unparalleled attention to client specific needs, and serves as an exceptional pool of personnel to draw from for the unique needs of Clients.


BGIS’ Technician coverage is growing yearly, and the team is an instrumental part of our service solution. BGIS Technicians provide a means for us to effectively engage directly with site managers and establish site accountability, responsibility and ownership from a BGIS perspective, while also providing onsite inspection of previously completed work and site condition. BGIS ensures that our technicians are aligned with client goals and have been proven to lower client delivery costs. Further, we can scale our services based on your requirements as a result of our National service delivery platform.