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What We Do

BGIS ITS boasts the largest in-house team of technicians in the Canadian market. Our workforce of over 1,500 technicians, including 600 truck-based technicians, spans across HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical Services, General Trades, and building operation roles.

We have consistently found that self-performance lowers costs for our clients while improving service delivery and accountability. Using our mobile Technician Services versus subcontracted services has shown savings of 15-25% for our clients, while delivering overall increases in customer satisfaction from 99% to 100%.

Our scale of operations in this regard means that we have the expertise, infrastructure and processes to deploy an industry leading and professional service in this regard. Every BGIS Technician is required to participate in our life and safety training programs that are important to ensuring a safe workplace for Clients, Tenants and Team Members.

These professionals are strategically positioned as both "Account Dedicated" resident experts and mobile "Technician Services" available for a diverse range of client accounts and vertical markets.

This team is an invaluable asset that ensures unmatched attention to each client's unique requirements, offering a diverse pool of skilled personnel to cater to specific needs. The growth of BGIS' technician coverage continues annually, playing a pivotal role in our holistic service approach. BGIS Technicians establish direct engagement with site managers, enhancing site accountability, responsibility, and ownership from a BGIS standpoint. This engagement also involves on-site inspections of previously completed tasks and overall site conditions.

BGIS places strong emphasis on aligning our technicians with client objectives, effectively contributing to reduced delivery costs. Moreover, our ability to adapt and scale services according to your demands is a direct result of our nationwide service delivery platform. The map below illustrates the extent of BGIS' Static and Mobile Technician coverage across North America.

Through our Technician Services, BGIS stands unparalleled in providing clients with direct access to technical maintenance services, encompassing HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman, and specialized services. Our well-established expertise, robust infrastructure, and streamlined processes enable us to deliver industry-leading, professional services often at rates below standard market prices.